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Creative culinary home economist

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Michelle Thrift - Home Economist

I like to think I’m innovative, creative, and experienced in many aspects of food product development, recipe development, food preparation and styling, cooking classes and catering.

I have a passion for research anything related to food. I’m extremely enthusiastic about eating wholefoods and developing inspiring recipes that are big on flavour.

2013 I was thrilled to secure Penguin Australia as a publisher for my first beautiful, co-authored book with Emma Sutherland “50 Foods that Will Change Your Life – A Women’s Guide to Health and Vitality. The Launch has been so successful and the book even lovelier than ever imagined.
Contact me directly for a signed limited-edition copy.

A professional in commercial cookery and a passionate food expert with over 25 years of industry experience. My job is responsible for creating moments of sensory delight! Get in contact with me for corporate work opportunities, recipe development, food product development, hosting cooking demonstrations, kitchen prototype creation, sample preparation, general kitchen assistance and food preparation, Ingredient stock management and kitchen equipment monitoring. I am ready to work with you and your team to share the love of food.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Get in contact with me: michellethrift@hotmail.com

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